pB100A4: Quad 24 – 28 Gb/s PRBS Generator and Checker, BER calculator

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pB100A4 Product Brief rev. 0.6

The pB100A4 is a fully integrated quad 25.78125, 27.95 and 28.05 Gb/s PRBS generator and checker and BER calculator unit. The unit recovers 100GBASE-R4, OTL4 or 128 Gb/s fiber channel compliant data streams. The pB100A is controlled through an USB link to a PC. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) configures and controls each of the four individual data lanes to match the application specific setup for your electrical or optical links or components under test.

Each output and input can be adjusted individually for transmitter pre- and post-cursor emphasis and receiver peaking. Next to the standard PRBS patterns [231–1, 223–1, 215-1, 29-1, 27-1, Square wave (8-ones and 8-zeros)], SSPR, CID, or 128-bit custom defined pattern can be programmed.

There is no need for an external reference clock as the unit uses an internal programmable clock generator. If needed an external reference clock can be applied.

Transmitter Features

Receiver Features

 pB100A4 BERT

picture of pB100A4

 GUI control screen

Picture of pB100A4 GUI control screen

 GUI individual setting screen

Picture of pB100A4 GUI individual setting screen