pB100A4: CFP4/QSFP28 testing

pB100A4: CFP4/QSFP28 testing application
Cost effective setup in e.g. outgoing production line testbed. The pocketBERT can be controlled and results obtained through the GUI log file, API or LabView interface.

pB100A4 as Stressor/Aggressor Application

pB100A4 as Stressor/Aggressor Application
The pB100A44 is a great tool to stress neighboring channels with different patterns, amplitudes and off set frequencies while a particular channel is characterized or studied.

Synchronizing several pB100A4 units

Synchronizing several pB100A4 units
Straight forward synchronizing of multiple pB100A4 from a ‘master’ pB100A4

10 Gb/s Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) App

9.95 to 11.3 Gb/s clock and data recovery application, ISI compensation for FR4 losses and Chromatic Dispersion, line rate, divide by 16 and 64 clock outputs
10 Gb/s sampling scopes may need a line rate clock or a divide by 16 or 64 trigger signal. pB10A will provide an inexpensive alternative for these applications and many other setups. Line rate clock is available as a differential or single ended signal, the divide by 16 or 64 as single ended 50 Ohms signals.

10 Gb/s BERT Application

9.95 to 11.3 Gb/s PRBS31, PRBS23 and PRBS7 pattern generation and checking, Error injection and event log
BERT system can run with differential or single ended. Unused outputs must be properly terminated with 50 Ohms. For line rates at 10.7 Gb/s and above we recommend to run differential signal paths.

10 Gb/s SFP+, XFP and XFP+ Test Bed App

Cost effective 10 Gb/s SFP+, XFP or XFP+ test bed application for production or field test
Check the performance of SFP+, XFP or XFP+ modules on XFP/SFP evaluation board with this inexpensive set-up in production and field applications.

10 Gb/s DWDM, WDM or CWDM Test Bed App

multi channel 10 Gb/s DWDM, WDM or CWDM test bed stressor application
Several pB10A units can be used to set up a DWDM, WDM or CWDM test bed. Different PRBS pattern and e.g. slight frequency offsets will generate a stress condition for xWDM channels.

Multiple pB10As - single PC/Laptop Control

Convenient setup with single PC/Laptop/NetBook to control up to 16 pocketBERTs
Single PC/Laptop can control multiple pB10As via different USB ports on a computer or via a simple USB hub.

Clock Synthesizer Application

Universal continuous rate (10 MHz to 760 MHz) frequency generator, with additional fixed frequencies up to 1.4 GHz
pB10A can be configured as an universal 10 - 760 MHz continuous rate programmable clock source. 50 Ohm single ended synthesizer output.